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On April 5 we're organizing OpenReaktor #54!

On monthly #OpenReaktor events we open up Reaktor, a startup mansion in Żoliborz (Central-North Warsaw), inviting interesting speakers and gathering the whole Warsaw startup scene in one place to network. Hot Pizza, cold beer, great location, wonderful people and fantastic speakers!


18:00 Beer & Networking
19:00 Announcements
19:15 Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan - SoftwareMill
19:45 ReaktorX pitches
20:15 Michał Olszewski - FundingBox
21:00 Pizza!

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if you reserve a ticket and do not come to the event without notifying us, and you do it twice, we add you to our black list. It means that for the next two events you can not reserve a free ticket.

So, if you can't come, report this to us at till Tuesday 14.03.2017, 18:00. We will then give your ticket to next person.


Head of Marketing & Communications @ SoftwareMill, @k_leszczynska
She is an observer of the human element in new technologies. She loves to see how technology makes an impact on our environment, behaviours, life, and how humans change technology every day. She is glad she can be in the center of these mutual connections and transitions.

Hiring, Robots and Beer

  • Hiring in the IT industry.
  • How does it look like from the company point of view.
  • Tips and tricks on how to do it in the smart way.
  • Why do we ask ourselves whether we would like to go for a beer with a prospective candidate?


Best 3 startups chosen at ReaktorX Demo Night will pitch their projects for the public.


Lead Mentor at IMPACT_POLAND acceleration programme powered by FundingBox Accelerator. Previously he was a Head Coach of the Starter Rocket acceleration programme. In the past he managed an internal ideas-to-prototypes incubation programme for Agora SA using lean methods and customer development approach. His previous assignments include managing a seed-level investment fund operating in Polish ITC market (LMS Invest) and another successful business accelerator - Huge Thing.

Michał will present the acceleration process in one of the largest European acceleration programs - Impact Growth and will share the experience of the first edition of Impact Poland which is dedicated to med-tech and agrifood startups.

There will be a possibility to win a hoodie at the event!



Toolbox for HR




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